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Publication Dates: Summer and Winter 2012

Soul Shaking Grief Teen Edition
1st Publication
Summer 2012

Soul Shaking Grief Teen Edition is a powerful collection of stories by teens and about teens, who were affected by dangerous driving, such as drunk driving, driving while distracted, and driving while impaired.

We solicited stories for this book from Alaska's teens and families of Alaska's teens, whose lives have been changed by a dangerous or impaired driver.

Many of these stories involve teenage victims of dangerous driving.  Some survived--others did not.

Other stories in this book come from teens who describe their own dangerous driving and how it has changed their lives or the lives of their victims.  We believe that these devastating stories will reach Alaska's teens and reinforce the fact that alcohol and driving--that texting and driving--don't mix.

Death, injuries and destruction resulting from drunk and distracted driving are commonly represented in the news as "accidents," but we prefer to refer to them as "crashes" since no one force feeds alcohol to people and then compels them to drive.  No one forces a driver to read or send text messages while driving.  These are choices that dangerous drivers make.  The stories we collected for this book recount the consequences of these choices.

Soul Shaking Grief Teen Edition is a full-color, 8.5" x 11" book with a glossy cover designed by Alaska teen, Sarah Webb.  We published a first run of this important book in Summer 2012 and are now distributing it for free.

If you would like to submit a story for this or our next book, click here for our contact information.

Hard copies of this book are going fast, and we are planning a second publication later this year.  To support this publication with a donation, click here for information.

To request a copy of this book, click here.