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Please help us reduce impaired, distracted and all dangerous driving crashes.

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Outreach Program
Hold an Anti-DUI / Anti-Distracted Driving Presentation at Your School

FMNM Outreach Program
Some items in the Outreach Package
Stop dangerous driving at your school. Forget Me Not Mission will provide you with everything you need to hold a powerful presentation, including a poignant video, either The Last Text, depicting actual victims of distracted drivers and an interview with one teen who was texting and driving when he killed a man, or Safe Road Home, a book and DVD combo with the award-winning HBO documentary "SMASHED Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol."

Every teen and pre-teen should see an anti-dangerous driving presentation.  It could save their life.

Read more about the Forget Me Not Mission Outreach PackageRead more about the Outreach Program

The Outreach Package Includes

Soul Shaking Grief Teen Edition books.

"Safe Road Home" book and DVD of the award-winning HBO documentary "SMASHED Toxic Tales of Teens and Alcohol."
The Last Text DVD, an AT&T sponsored documentary.

 Event t-shirts for the organizers.

 Over 25 handouts such as FMNM logo pens, flashlights, button pins, light-up ice cubes, water bottles, squishy brains and Don't Text or Drink and Drive thumb rings.

 A copy of the Alaska Teen Underage Drinking Questionnaire to be filled out by the students anonymously.  Make as many copies as you need. The results can be a real eye-opener!

The Forget Me Not Mission Pledge Sheet for students to sign.  It reads, "I Pledge to my fellow human beings that I will not drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol."  These can be hung up and displayed in classrooms or in the halls.

Participating Schools

Forget Me Not Mission has partnered with the following schools, which are using the FMNM Outreach Package to conduct anti-dangerous driving presentations:

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Forget Me Not Mission
5068 Pinnacle Ridge Circle
Wasilla AK 99623

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Phone: 907-978-7809