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Board of Directors

Nancy Bidwell - President
Nancy Bidwell, President. Nancy Bidwell was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, and came to Alaska in 1950 with her Air Force family.  Nancy spent over 58 years in Anchorage, graduating from West High School and attending Anchorage Community College, where she majored in commercial art and design.  She graduated from UAA with a degree in Computer Science and managed several businesses out of her home in Anchorage, including Anchorage Babysitting Referral Service, CB Radio Novelties, A-1 Engraving and The Mad Hatter Hat Shop.  She worked as a district manager for the Anchorage Daily News for several years before taking a job with the Anchorage School District as the Parent Resource Coordinator.  While there, Nancy started the Readers Are Leaders Reading Program at Taku Elementary School.  She worked for the Alaska State Troopers for several years and retired from the State of Alaska in 2002 before founding Forget Me Not Mission with her husband, Royal.  In 1983, Nancy lost her 17-year old daughter,
Shelly Reed, to a drunk driver, which prompted her and Royal to start a non-profit organization to help other victims of drunk driving.

Ken Reed  - Treasurer
Ken Reed , Treasurer.

Jennifer Messick - Vice President
Jennifer Messick, Vice President. Jennifer Messick owns a small law firm serving Anchorage and the Valley. In addition to providing legal services, she continues to provide training and professional development in the area of Designer Drugs and DUI. Before entering private practice Jenn was a prosecutor for 7 years and served as Alaska's first Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) where she focused on prosecution of drug-impaired driving cases and coordinated specialty training for State and local police and prosecutors in the area of DUI and traffic-related offenses. She also provides training on a national and international level in the area of Designer Drugs. In addition to serving as legal counsel for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, and volunteering with Mat-Su Youth Court, Jenn also sits on the Board of Directors for the Forget Me Not Mission, and continues to teach Criminal Law and Traffic Law and promote community safety by making special DUI presentations to local high schools, the military, university students, and other organizations.

Colleen Oefelein - Secretary
Colleen Oefelein, Secretary. Colleen is an award-winning author (C.M. McCoy) who moved to Alaska in 2008 after retiring from the Air Force.  She was born and raised in Pennsylvania's Steeler Country and graduated from Penn State with degrees in Chemical Engineering and German.  Colleen is a former dispatcher for Alaska State Troopers and the PR Manager for Inklings Literary Agency. Together with her husband, she founded an Alaska-based, nation-wide free writing contest for kids called Totem Head's Story Contest.

Bill Oefelein - Director
Bill Oefelein , Director. Alaska's Astronaut, Bill Oefelein, returned to Alaska in 2008 after retiring from the US Navy. He currently conducts specialized jet training and is still involved in commercial space activities.  Billy O graduated from West High and studied at UAA before finishing his Electrical Engineering degree at Oregon State University.  A Naval Aviator and Astronaut Pilot, he's logged over 5000 hours in over 70 types of aircraft, including over 200 carrier-arrested landings, over 300 hours in Space as the pilot of the Space Shuttle Discovery and 700 hours bush-piloting in Alaska.  When he was 17 years old, Billy O was hit by an Anchorage drunk driver, who sped off and left him lying in the road, unconscious and bleeding with a partially severed leg.  He's honored to support Forget Me Not Mission as a guest speaker at schools and community events.

Paul Honeman- Director
Paul Honeman Director. Paul Honeman is a 33-year Eastside resident with a lifetime of public service.  A graduate of Bartlett High School, he served 6 years in the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer before beginning his 23-year career with the Anchorage Police Department.  He also spent two years with the Federal Protective Services as a Federal Police Officer.  Since 2004, Paul has served as a coordinator for the APD Citizen's Police Academy and Committee Member for the Anchorage Police Citizens Academy Alumni Association.  He was also a board member for the Fraternal Order of the Alaska State Troopers and currently sits on the Anchorage Assembly.

Cindy Cashen
Cindy Cashen, Director. On April 19, 2000, Cindy's father, Ladd Macaulay, was killed by a drunk driver on the Seward Highway.  Cindy recieved support from the MADD Anchorage Chapter and helped establish the MADD Juneau Chapter the following winter.  Between 2000 and 2006, Cindy was involved with MADD and assisted with several important pieces of highway safety legislation, including the .08 BAC, the Graduated Drivers License program and Primary Seat Belt law..  During that time, Cindy was on the Juneau Underage Drinking Task Force, the school district youth at risk program and helped set up the local DUI vehicle impoundment program.  She is a graduate of the Juneau Police Department Citizen's Academy and was on the Juneau Youth Court board for almost ten years.  Cindy was the Administrator of the Alaska Highway Safety Office from 2006 to 2012 and helped to develop the AHSO policy and procedures.  Cindy resides in Juneau and enjoys time being a mother to her six children and step-children and two beautiful grandchildren.

Thea Whitehead - Director
Thea Whitehead, Director. Thea was born in upstate New York, but spent most of her life in Florida until she moved to Alaska in December 1999. A retired U.S. Census Bureau Field Supertendent, Thea was also the Community Liaison for Partners For Progress, a non-profit organized to assist Judge Jim Wanamaker with his "Wellness Court", an option for alcoholic misdemeanants to help them manage their addictions. It was part of a beginning of therapeudic courts in Alaska. Always interested in health, she was a Certified Nursing Assistant, has taught yoga and tai chi, and was the Social Director for a Sarasota, FL community. Fun fact: in her youth, Thea was a mermaid at Weeki Wachee Spring, a Florida family attraction.

Ashlyn Dorn - Student Representative
Ashlyn Dorn, Student Representative. Ashlyn Dorn is a freshman at the University of Alaska Anchorage and majoring in International Relations. She was born in Virginia, then lived in Hawaii for four years before finally settling in Alaska in 2002. She enjoys volleyball, Tae Kwon Do, and traveling abroad and has spent time as an exchange student in Argentina. She has been volunteering with the Forget Me Not Mission since 2007 and feels strongly that teenagers need to be made aware of how devastating the consequences of distracted and impaired driving can be.

Cara Hooper - Student Representative
Cara Hooper, Student Representative. Cara is a born and raised Anchorage Alaskan, and a graduate of South Anchorage High School. She is currently attending her first year at the University of Anchorage Alaska, and has just begun a new and very important personal step in her life that is becoming a Student Representative for the Forget Me Not Foundation and spreading awareness against drunk driving. First hand, she experienced the fatal meaning of what impaired driving can lead to. August 9th, 2013, a day that Cara and countless others will not forget, was a day that two girls were taken from the world by a drunk driver. Walking home from a day of shopping, Cara's best friend, Brooke McPheters and Brooke's friend Jordyn Durr were struck by a drunk driver. Since that day, Cara has made it a goal to make a difference for the families and victims affected by impaired driving and to make the future brighter for clean sober drivers. In 2015, Cara joined the South Anchorage High School's, Every Fifteen Minutes program and during an assembly to promote sober driving shared her own speech and personal story of how she experienced the causes and effects of drunk driving. Now that she has joined the Forget Me Not Foundation, all she wishes for is to make an impact and to help make the roads of Alaska more safe and to help support other families of victims that have been affected.

Garrett Anderson- Student Representative
Garrett Anderson, Student Representative. Hello, I'm Garrett. I have lived in Alaska my whole life. I am a homeschooler (which rocks) and will graduate in the class of 2018. Subjects related to Math, Science, and Technology drive my life. Big plans for who I am, and who I will become have always existed from the beginning. You could say that I have high aspirations for life. I enjoy spending time in our beautiful state exploring God's creation as an avid runner; climbing mountains; telemark skiing in the backcountry; shooting traditional archery; flying gliders and powered aircraft; occasionally horseback riding; playing guitar; volunteering in my community; and teaching beginner karate classes as 2nd degree black belt with Okamoto's School of Karate. ( I began working towards the Congressional Gold Medal Award fall of 2015 ( and will have all the requirements completed by January 2018. I am actively involved in my church's AWANA program working with and mentoring younger kids. I am also very actively involved in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program were I current serve as the Cadet Commander of my Home Squadron currently holding the rank of Cadet 1st Lieutenant (soon to be Cadet Captain). My plan once I graduate from High School is to attend the US Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, graduate with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, enter pilot training, and become a fighter pilot. Because of the large aspirations I have for my life, I work to fill all of my time with meaningful schoolwork and activities to develop myself into the best leader I can be, serve, and better my community with the help of God. In preparation to attend the one of the military service academies, I am also very actively involved in school. I am studying the Russian language with a college level textbook, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, and Physics. Over the following school years, I will be taking Calculus, another advanced math course, advanced science courses, and two more years of college level Russian.